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Kokand is a beautiful sunny town in the Fergana Region of the Republic of Uzbekistan, known since the X century. It is a developed center of production of machinery, cotton growing, and food production. The main local attraction is the majestic palace of Khudoyar Khan, built in the 19th century. There are other significant architectural monuments of Central Asia located in town.
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Kokand is located in the Fergana Valley, surrounded by mountains. Extremely hot and dry in summer, in winter the town can surprise you with very cold weather and even snow. The best period to visit Kokand is from June to August. The town itself is divided into historical "Old city" and "European city". An important attraction is an old city, with its rich architectural monuments of various eras. The tomb of Dahma-i-Shakhon and the Emir Madrassah attract special attention. You can get to the town by land transport from Tashkent or another city in the Fergana Valley.
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