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Tbilisi is located in a hollow in Eastern Georgia. The name of the city translates from Georgian as "warm spring". It is considered to be the beginning of the history of the city of the 5th century, although some historians disagree with this. Since 626 and for many centuries, Arab, Mongol and Turkish armies have invaded and plundered the population of the city. When Georgia became part of the Russian Empire in 1801, Tbilisi gained stability and acquired numerous commercial and industrial enterprises.
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Reikartz King Tamar Tbilisi

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The climate is warm, moderately continental. It is cool in winter and moderately hot in summer. The average annual temperature is 12.7 °C, and in January it can drop to 0 °C. Favorable weather will allow you to visit and personally appreciate the architectural monuments at any time of the year. Each of the districts, including Avlabari, Mtatsminda, Chugureti and Ortachala, is unique in its own way and will show you everything that has been preserved for centuries.
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